Woman on mountain overlook with arms spread in the air

In the US, we like to talk about freedom. Freedom from this, freedom to do that, freedom, freedom, FREEDOM! But what does “freedom” look like to you?

Freedom means a lot of different things to different people. One of the biggest that I hear is that more money will allow you to have more freedom: Freedom to travel, freedom from debt, freedom to travel, freedom from stress, and so on and so forth.

Something that I don’t hear a lot about, though, is how to get that freedom. More importantly, many people don’t have a firm vision of what they want, nor how to get there.

Take a moment to think about your life right now. Then, take a few minutes and write down what you would do if you had no restrictions. Would you travel? Would you spend time with your significant other or children? Maybe you volunteer your time somewhere.

Now, think about what would make you feel satisfied, fulfilled, and at peace in your heart of hearts? Chances are, this is what true freedom looks like to you.

So, what does freedom look like to you? Leave a message below and let everybody know!

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