No matter how much we might wish it were otherwise, there are only two things that are certain in life: Death and taxes. Everything else is subject to change at a moment’s notice. In some cases, these changes are easier to manage with some help.

Some changes are generally positive, such as deciding whether you should take that job on the other end of the country. However, doing that would mean leaving your local friends and family to start over as a stranger somewhere else.

Other changes are generally negative, such as dealing with some sort of loss: Death of a friend/partner/parent/child. How do you move on when the foundation of your life has been shaken to the bedrock?

There are even other changes that are basically neutral, but they still can be daunting, such as when the kids are grown and head off to start their own lives. How do you rediscover yourself when something so drastic changes?

Having a Transitions Coach to work through these changes with will allow you the space to address these changes in a judgment-free environment and with an advocate in your corner, working with you.

I’ve been through many transitions in my life, including marriage, divorce, parenthood, children growing up, loss of career, and a disability diagnosis. Those experiences and others have given me a perspective that allows me to know what it’s like to experience these sorts of transitions and walk the path right along with you.