G. Michael VanTassle

G. Michael VanTassle is an Achology certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Mindfulness Practitioner. He holds an Associate of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Emergency & Disaster Management. His background in both psychology and crisis communications allows him to better understand the needs of people in distress. With that understanding, he can more effectively help clients find a way through their distress and have a more fulfilling life. During his studies, he became concerned about the way that being a member of a small or non-dominant segment of the population typically means that these groups are left behind and under-served.

A practicing Pagan for nearly 30 years, he began learning how to make and use herbal products to help enhance health, wellness, and his spirituality. In an effort to have a legally protected position as minister for his local interfaith community, he took ordination in 1993. Recently G. Michael has studied Druidry with the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids out of the United Kingdom. After more than a decade studying Buddhist philosophy on his own, he took lay precepts to more formally dedicate himself to the Rinzai Zen tradition.

G. Michael lives in Northern Illinois with his wife of 20 years. With three adult children, the couple has refocused time into service to their spiritual community. In his spare time, G. Michael enjoys long-form science fiction from steampunk, to cyberpunk, to space opera. He also continues to broaden his Buddhist knowledge by reading translated Buddhist texts from as far back as the writings of Buddha’s first disciples to the writings of American Zen masters from as recently as 2018. He continues to enjoy the “apothecary arts” in which he uses essential oils and plant materials to create foods, medicines, and aromatic products.